Friday, July 07, 2006

What does your favorite color say about you?

I found this today on another blog and wanted to share!

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Red – If red is your favorite color, you are an energetic, passionate and excited person. While impulsive at times, your overall desire is to live life to its fullest. This means you are also competitive, strong, and seek justice for all.

Pink – There is a reason pink is often the color thought of when Baby Girls are mentioned. Sweet, nice, and delicate are often the first words that come to mind when pink is mentioned. You have a romantic side though too and think that love is the world’s greatest gift. More often than not you are they image of happiness and tranquility.

Orange – Did you choose orange as your favorite color? This means you have a high level of energy and tend to become restless when you’re not out saving the world. You get a long well with others as you are very social and hate to be alone. Not only are you a self starter, but you motivate those around you with your intense energy.

Yellow– If you’ve chosen yellow as your favorite color, you are an excellentcommunicator and you breathe warmth into everything you do. You are the life of the party and very imaginative. People swarm to you because you are always cheerful and bright.

Green– Green is a color of health and balance. One of your grand goals is to discover life’s hidden secrets. You’re also a very affectionate and loyal friend who tends to be very frank when asked your opinion. Your reputation is very important to you, so you are always conscious of any decisions you make. By this merit, you also finish what ever you start.

Blue– Of all the colors, blue represents the most creative and artistic of all colors. You excel at anything artistic and musical. These things also stimulate your mind. Above the artistic desires, you crave harmony in all aspects of your life. You have proven yourself as a sensitive and capable person and these traits make you an outstanding friend. You are very cautious in life and are conscientious of your work.

Purple– As a visionary, your life essence is one of spiritual consciousness andawareness. You find it natural to express yourself aesthetically and artistically. As a whole, you believe you are a strong and independent person and others tend to perceive you as a sensitive and observant. These artistic and inner qualities indeed to make you as unique as you believe yourself to be.

Black – Stylish and sophisticated are two words that are almost always associated with you. People have a tendency to think of you as elegant yet mysterious at the same time. Black also has the tendency to evoke thoughts of power and nobleness granting you the esteem of others.