Monday, December 15, 2008

Do any of these belong to you?

Wristlets are in the mail!
If you're one of the lucky ones that will be receiving one of these, they're on their way!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another Give a Way

Congrats to the winners!!
Thanks to everyone that came by to say Hi. It was so much fun!
And so the fun doesn't end!

Make sure you stop by A Give A Way A Day on Sunday Dec 7th.

I have something else to give away over there!
There are give a ways each and every day there.
But you might have guessed that from the name, right?


yes I am blessed. And others are too, wether they know it or not. I know that because today I witnessed a terrible car accident. I was on the interstate two cars behind a young girl in a black sports car. I notice she was drifting to the left a bit but thought she just wasn’t paying attention. She did this for about ½ mile. I was trying to stay out of her way so I slowed down a bit. Just to be behind her if she over corrected and came over into my lane. But that wasn’t what happened. In the blink of an eye she veered over to the left again but this time she hit a guard rail and flipped her car over and down into a concrete drainage area. In a second she was upside down with her car smoking. Frightened and worried about this young girl I didn’t stop to think I just pulled my car over and jumped out. Running along side the interstate and jumping down into this drain fear struck me. What would I find when I got to the car? Expecting to see the worst. Another lady who had also seen the accident was there beside me and then a third person came to help. As we were trying to pull the door open on this car that was upside down I hear her crying, scared and frightened. This young girl who was wearing her seatbelt was safe in her car hanging there. We removed her from her car fearing it was about to catch on fire because it was smoking. There was this 16 yr old girl scared to death with only a cut on her finger and a bruise on her hip. She called her father using my cell phone and just began to sob uncontrollably. I spoke to her father explaining that she seemed ok but that they were taking her to the hospital just to make sure. She was truly blessed. The police and paramedics said the expected to find someone who was dead or badly injured at the least. I saw a miracle today as God watched over her. And as more than 50 people stopped to help. I later received a phone call from her mother thanking me and telling me that she was fine at home and resting and how thankful she was that so many people were there to help her baby. Today reminded me not to take one second for granted. you never know. So now I’m off to hold my babies and tell them how very much they are loved.

and the winners are

And the Winners are!

Gift List

#38 Lisa
Visit her blog

#5 Susan

Dates to Remember Calendar

#116 Toebi
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Loveys and Things

Wristlet Winners

# 36 Tiff
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# 109 Heather Brand
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Due to illness my 5 yr old was unable to pick the winners so I used

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Boo Boo Cozies

Are you wondering what a boo boo cozie is? Well not any more ..... These are my boo boo cozies, as my girls call them. "What do you do with these" you ask.
  1. Heat in the microwave 1-3 min. (Check after 1 min, all microwaves are different)
  2. Place on your neck, back, legs, feet or any other place that aches.
  3. Get one for the freezer for boo boos that require a cold pack. (do not use in a cooler as a cold pack, yes I did have to add that because it has been asked:)
  4. Heat it and put it under your sheets to keep your feet warm on those cool nights.
  5. Use for those lower back pains that visit once a month.
    The list goes on and on and on.......

Pepermint Scented. Available in soft Lime or Chocolate Fleece Personalized just for you!
It measures 19"x 5".
I'll be adding these to my Etsy Shop soon.
But until then if you want one just drop me a line at and put
boo boo order in the subject line. They are $10.00 and shipping is $6.50.
They're almost 2lbs. Right now I'm shipping to the US only.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Give A Way Day has been extended

Just scroll down for the post about the give a way.
There's still time to Enter and win some fantastic Handmade Goodies.
I'm adding more stuff to the give a way :)
I will choose a different winner for each item. Thats 5 winners!!!!!


WOW, look at all the new friends we have visiting us!!!
*UPDATE* Sew mama sews has asked that we extend the deadline to enter for the give a way! Due to the HUGE list of blog that are hosting give a ways.
Deadline extended till Friday December 5th at midnight CST. Now enter away!!!

It time for GIVE-A-WAY-DAY!!

Its time for some FREE STUFF!!!
(I know, I know... but we gotta have them)
1.Comment must be posted on 12/3/08 by midnight CST.
2.Items will only be shipped to US, no international shipping.
3.Winner or winners(hint...hint) will be picked by a random drawing professionaly handled by a sweet 5 yr old girl. Who can be tempted to draw your name by offering her some chocolate.:)
4.Winner or winners (hint...hint) will be posted on 12/4/08
5.You will have 3 chances to get your name in for the drawing.
Chance 1.... post a comment about your favorite item in my Shop
Chance 2.... Spread the word, post on your blog telling about my give a way and link it in the comments here.
Chance 3.... Make a purchase in my shop

Now what do ya win?

Custom made just for you!

Wristlets are perfect for every busy and on the go person.

It fits right around your wrist!
When you run in the store just place them on your wrist, no more wondering
"where are my keys?". If you have kids in car seats, we've all been there,
placing the keys down to buckle or unbuckle the kiddos in the seat.
Then..... "where did I put my keys?". Never again with the wristlet!

Walking to your car at night, your keys
will be on your wrist and ready. No more looking over your shoulder
while digging for your keys. Safety and Style all in one.

And because they are so easy to find if you drop them inside your purse you be on the go in no time. No more searching and searching to the depths of the endless purse!

These make perfect stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, secret Santa gifts.....
the list goes on and on.
Perfect for everyone on your list! Everyone needs one of these!

Each wristlet measures approx 5" long.

They also make great backpack tags or diaper bag tags

You will LOVE this wristlet!
Personalized just for you with your name, monogram or initials. You pick

the colors! Make sure to stop by my my etsy shop to see more examples.
While you're there take a look around.

To enter vist my etsy shop pick your favorite product and post a comment
telling me why you love it. Winner will be posted on December 4th. Make sure you leave some way to contact you or make sure you check back on the 4th.
If you make a purchase you will be entered twice! But no purchase is necessary to enter once, just post a comment with your fav product and why you like it.

Make Sure You Stop By Sew Mama Sew To See More Great GIVE A WAYS All Day Long!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tomorrow is GIVE-A-WAY-DAY



Make sure you stop by tomorrow to see what my give a way will be!

And find more fantastic blogs that will also be having their very own GIVE-A-WAY-DAY!

Make sure you don’t miss it. :)
Visit my etsy shop and comment on my blog what your favorite item in my shop is and why. Then and spread a word around about my shop and my blog(meaning - blog about me, talk to friends, neighbors, family, etc,.).
*1 entry for posting a comment with your favorite esty item from my Etsy shop
*1 entry for making a purchase from my Etsy shop
*1 entry for posting a link on your blog about my give-a-way
(post your link to your blog post about me in MY comments section)

I will randomly pick one lucky winner on Dec 4th.

Make sure you leave me your email address, I’ll email to let you know if you have won.

Give a way can only be shipped to US. No international winners at this time.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Its Snowing Here!!! not sticking but snowing!

December 1st... the countdown to Christmas begins! As the days start to turn colder my calendar starts to fill quickly. My December, like many of your, becomes a guessing game of how do we fit one more thing into our schedule. We want to spend time with everyone and hate to say no to any party or celebration. (And we usually don’t say no) Christmas only comes once a year and we enjoy celebrating with our family and friends.

We have one event that has been scheduled for sometime now. And I’m anxiously looking forward to the celebration. It’s a progressive dinner with neighborhood friends. For those of you who don’t know what a progressive dinner is, it where a group of friends or families travel from home to home to admire the homeowners decorations and partake in a few delicious goodies. Our first stop will for appetizers and drinks. Then after about an hour or two we move on to the next home for soup and salad, then main dish and last but not least desserts. Spending a few hours at each home with friends will be a great treat this holiday season. My house will be the soup and salad stop. I’m looking for a spectacular soup that will WOW everyone. So if anyone has any recipes I would love to here about them. The salad will be a spring mix topped with sliced strawberry and toasted sesame seeds. All topped off by a sweet and tangy dressing with poppy seeds. We were introduced to this fantastic salad by my husbands Aunt Wendy from NC. Thanks Wendy, we loved it so much we have it all the time now!

I’m still taking orders for Christmas gifts on my Etsy shop. If there’s something you would like to order do so soon. And still get them in time for Christmas morning! Click the link on the top left sidebar to see my shop.

Decorations, I’ve been working on a few more decorations. My mantel and my chandelier in my dinning room. Here are a few of my favorite Santa ornament and other decorations that I love. Enjoy the pictures.