Friday, January 30, 2009

New Embroidery Designs

I've added a few more designs to my ever growing collection. These can be embroidered on shirts, bags, burpcloths or just about anything you can think of. All the fabric colors can be changed to your taste. Each item will be custom made for you.

The hat above can be done with any number 1-9

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chalkboard Project

Chalkboard Project Time

After finding this fantastic treasure at my local Goodwill for only $1.49!!! I knew what I wanted to do....

Step 1
First I removed the back that held the
chalk board and cork board in place.
This is what it looked like after they were removed.

Step 2
Clean clean clean.

Step 3
Using calkboard paint from your local hardware store, paint the chalkboard surface. I did this because the chalkboard was a bit used looking and this gave it a fresh clean look.

Plus I wanted to use the paint :)

Step 4

Spray paint the frame.

Step 5
Cover Cork with fabric.
Supplies needed: fabric, glue gun and something to cover

Step 6
Replace all parts!

Finished Board

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Morning Cupcake.....

Keely the Cupcake Maker

Here we are on the 4th day with no school. We're on what seems to be an endless break due to the bitterly cold weather and a slight dusting of snow. After six days with out school (counting the weekend) we(the kids) decided we(them)needed to make cupcakes with Keelys Christmas gift from Santa.

So the morning started at 7:45am
(with no school for the last few days my kids are SOOOOO NOT on a schedule). Woke up to find two short people in my bed....sideways! Craig had left for work before the sun was up, I'm sure I don't really know what time he left becaues he didn't even wake me! And thats a good thing for him because I would have been one moody mom.

I think he leaves so early just so he will miss the morning fun and crazyness that happens here, But thats just my take on it. I know if I could sneak out I would!!

Then off to check the emails and other embroidery stuff.

Back to the kitchen for some baking. If you've never seen this little cupcake thing your missing out. It bakes the cupcakes in 30sec in the microwave! Now thats my kinda baking. And for the kids... well quick is the way to go. I wasn't lucky or brave enough to try one of the cupcakes but the kids love them.

The Baker came with enough to make 4 cupcakes and we made 3. Keely being the planner decided she wanted to have an extra for later. "I might need a cupcake snack and don't want to wait for you to bake them in the big oven, mom." Sounded like a plan to me. This was so easy for me and fun for them. And who wouldn't want cupcakes at 9am?

Valentines Applique Designs

These are some of the new valentines designs.
These can me made on any size tee or sweatshirt.
I have a few sizes left in the hot pink sweatshirt, purple longsleeve tee, light pink sweatshirt and light teal tee.
I'm working on more valentines designs and ideas. I hope to have more listed in my Etsy shop soon.

More Teeth News

After 21 months of NO gum, popcorn, tootie rolls, sticky candy
or anything else that could
get caught in her braces WE are now braces FREE!!!!
I say we because it was just as hard for us keeping
her on track with brushing and the everyday, twice a day routine !

After a painful 2 1/2 hours of taking off the braces she was on her way home to sleep it off.
And smile the whole day. On the way home she had a few treats: Gum, tooties rolls and some other sticky treats. But at home... bring on the popcorn!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Keely lost her first tooth!

Granma Kim, Aunt Heather, Aunt Mary Helen and Aunt Melissa (we called Bethany today), she wanted to call you today and tell you but we got busy playing and having so much fun that we just forgot all about it. So here are some pictures for you.

New....... Appliqued Shirts and Onesies!

As requested by my Sister in Law, Heather.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Fabric Wristlet Patterns

These are $6 each Or if you would like to
personalize them they are $10.
Webbing colors can be personalized to your tastes.
None of these are in my Etsy Shop yet.
But should be in the next week or so.