Monday, July 28, 2008

Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts

It's been awhile since I shared any scrapbook or paper crafts. So I thought I would show you some of my Frances Meyer projects I've done over the past months. These were project for Michael's Craft Store Web Site, Featuring Frances Meyer Stickers. They had to be quick, simple, inexpensive and use FM Stickers that Michael's carries.Baby Shower box, bag and card.

Happy Fathers Day Card for the fisherman in your life.
I designed this template and cut it from cardstock.
Decorated it with chalk and stickers.

Wooden Frame Decorated with stickers, ribbons and a tag.

Thinking of you card.

Birthday Gift Card Holder.

Boo Halloween Mummy Card.

Treat bag for the Spooks.

Party Picks made using stickers, cardstock and tooth picks.

Wine Glass Charms. Stickers, tags, beads and wire make this craft quick and easy.

Give Thanks Banner.

Back to school photo clipboard.

Etsy update

I've added a few new items to my etsy store. I'm working hard to get more in there. Especially before everyone starts their Christmas shopping. Did I just say Christmas? Yes I did! Its only 5 months away! Never to early to start your shopping.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to School..

Yep next week its back to school for Katelyn who will be going to middle school. Where did the time go? And sweet little Keely will be in Kindergarten! It seems like just yesterday that she was a baby. Oh wait.... yesterday we played house and she was the baby! But you all know what I mean.

Take a look at miss Keely at soccer camp today. How do you like that GANG bandanna? It was so hot this morning so we wet the bandanna and this is how Keely kept cool. Now back to that kick. Just look at that form. David Beckham look out! And the pink shoes, guards and ball are too cute! You know a girls gota have her pink accessories.
Now this one is priceless! look at that air under those feet. You go Keely!

One good thing about the girls in school is that I will get to clean my house and get some embroidery work done. Cole will even be at Mothers day out two days a week.

I never knew how many people wanted things embroidered. Now, I am in no way complaining about it. In fact I love it. I do have a few things I'm working on for some of my customers right now. I love being busy. If I didn't have something to embroider or sew or scrapbook what would I do with all my EXTRA time?

Speaking of extra time and because I have so much of it I'm having a garage sale tomorrow and Friday. And with some more of my extra time.. We've been planning the next Jelly Beans Consignment Sale. And with some left over extra time from weeks ago I'm in full PTA mode for the upcoming school year. For those of you that don't know I (for some unknown reason) volunteered to be the treasurer for Keely's school PTA.

Okay, I'm off to embroider some shirts. Oh by the way I did two hats last week. Take a look.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Key Chains

Here are some key chains that I've made. I have tons of ribbons to choose from and will be adding this item to my etsy shop soon.

One stylish baby bag

The owner of this new bag will be one stylish girl. And mom won't look to shabby either.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Here comes the bride........

Take a look at these cute bags! I just love these two colors together. So when I was asked to make these bags I was so excited! I did these for a bride to give to her brides maids. They are so cute I almost kept them for myself! Shackia, I hope you and your lucky brides maids love them as much as I do! And congrats to you and the lucky groom.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Decorating without nails in the wall.


I've had this nightstand for a few years. I think I paid about $10 for it at the goodwill. I say $10 because I'm pretty cheep and would not have paid much more than that. Maybe $12 but that's it.

When I purchased it I decided i need to paint it. So I painted it in a very whimsical look (back when I painted it it was whimsical now its just tacky). Last week I decided my girls needed an updated nightstand between their beds. Plus it had make up, lip gloss, crayon, pen marks and cup rings on the top. Yep all those were on there!

Step 1. Find a well made piece of furniture that has great shape.
Step 2. Sand all past paint drips, ruff edges or chips smooth.
Step 3. Prime with spray primer. Its goes faster if you use a spray and is much easier to clean up. I used white because I was going to paint a light color. If you plan on using a dark color as your finished color I would go with a gray primer.
Step 3. Paint with desired color I use a light green spray paint by Krylon (I think, I've thrown the cans away already). You may need more than one coat. I did two.
Step 4. Using an electric sander, sand edges so that some of the wood and bottom paint layer shows.
Step 5. Add stain with a foam brush. Let sit for just a minute and wipe off with an old towel. Repeat until you get the desired contrast from the stain. I use dark walnut stain and it only took one coat.

A little something for those rainy days...

Maybe if I have this cute umbrella it will rain here!
This was my firs attempt at an umbrella. I didn't use the correct backing, the next one will not have the puckers.
Now let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!!! We (my plants and grass) sure could use some.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Nails in the walls..

Well here they are, 4 more nails in the wall. All photos of the family so that makes it ok! I put this table together in no time. Fabric on the bottom was 60 cents per yard!!!! Can you believe that? I bought over 12 yards. What a big spender I am. Black and white fabric is left over from some project I'm sure I never finished. ( or maybe didn't even start for that matter) Hot glued some trim, put it on the table and there you have it! I put it beside my front doors so everyone that comes in can see it. I just love it.
More latter on another spray painting project I'm working on. Off to watch a movie! Have a great rest of the weekend.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't ya just love it when a plan works out?

I do!
Most of the time when I decide to Create something it NEVER turns out like I had imagined it would. But not this time! When I just happened to find this wooden compote (I sound fancy smancy, don't I?) at where else but the goodwill, I just couldn't leave it there. It asked me to take it home and fancy it up a bit. You know how objects in stores just talk to you? You know things call your name when your shopping, right? I'm not the only one who hears things asking me to buy them, right?

Well just look at this poor little compote (footed bowl, as my grandma would say. Where are it's toes if it has a foot?) . She was sad, beautiful shape and in fantastic condition. But stained wood? I guess I could have made it work someplace in my home just the way she was. You know me better than that. I have to alter it in some way!

I haven't shared with you my most recent fascination.... spray paint! So there you have it this little compote was going to get a nice coat of black paint. Spray paint that is, I wouldn't want brush strokes on my master piece would I? After a few coats of matte black paint a bit of sanding and two coats of dark walnut stain she has made her way to her new home. Lovingly placed on my recently added accent table in my living room.

I must add that my dear husband is opposed to any cluttering of our home. So he's not as impressed with my talents(not sure that spray painting is a talent? But I'm going to say it is) as I am. He would prefer that I leave ALL and I mean ALL the walls blank!! What? Is he crazy? He knew when he married me I was a Visual Merchandiser for a department store. And its in my blood. He has the garage... I get the rest of the house.

I'm off to hammer a nail in a wall someplace! Maybe even 4 nails... I have an idea. I'll share with you tomorrow how it turns out!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun and Fireworks only 2 days away

Here is a photo from last years 4th of July Bike Parade.
The kids took a ride down FREEDOM Dr. Aren't they cute?

Family Zoo Trip

We had a fun filled day yesterday! We left for the zoo at 9am got home around 4pm!! As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we decided to take the kids to the pool! We were there from 6:30 till 8pm! Now let me just say how easy it was to get my kids to go to bed and sleep ALL night!