Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaack!

I know, I know... its been a long time. Since its been awhile I'll update you on somethings going on around here.

Things are picking up with the kids and sports. Keely is playing fast pitch softball and we had two games last Saturday. They don't keep score, but you know the parents are and we won both of them! She has two or three games per week so we are busy with that.

Katelyn has been participating in Special Olympics over the last few months. Basketball, volleyball and track and field events. Track and field is where she excelled, she did the 50yrd dash in 9.2 sec and came in first place! She was so excited she just kept running after the broke through the tape at the end!

Cole’s sports consist of riding four wheelers and playing in the mud!! He, Pop and Craig have gone on a few riding trips over the last few weeks. Everyday he gets to spend time in the mud. Just Tuesday night I spent over an hour cleaning his cars, trucks and tractors in my bathtub! What a mess. There was so much mud it took an over night soak to get some of them clean. Boys and mud.. they just go together.

Craig’s birthday is tomorrow so the kids are going to spend some time at my moms and maybe he and I will spend some time hanging out together and shopping (for those of you who don’t know my husband loves to shop and clean, I should tell my mother in law how thankful I am that she taught her son well)

We spent some time in VA visiting our friends not too long ago. We spend a day in DC and took a trip to Mt Vernon. We spent one day visiting different wineries (without the kids) and brought home lots to sample. We all had a great time and it was nice to see old friends again.

My embroidery machine is in the shop for some cleaning and replacing a sensor, so it should be home soon. It was like a mini vacation for me. But because I need to create something everyday I started making bows to decorate flip flops. Well bow making isn’t as easy as one may think but after much practice and lots of ribbon purchases I think I did it. This may lead into some new items in my etsy shop!

Now that the Spring/SummerJelly Beans Consignment sale is over we are starting work on the Fall sale which will take place in late Aug or early Sept. It was a Fantastic sale with lots of fun goodies for everyone! After selling well over 3000 total items we were excited and wiped out! We look forward to our fall sale.

Not to mention PTO is busier than ever right now. In addition to end of the year field trips and TCAP testing. Oh, only 3 ½ weeks till summer!