Sunday, September 30, 2007


Look What My Sweet Girls brought home!!! Where is my dirt lovin little boy while all this was going on you ask? Well he is scared to death of the thing! I had to make my girls and my niece put it in the woods behind our house because I was afraid they would bring it in the house without me knowing! They kept asking "can we keep it? Pleaseeeeeeee, pretty pleaseeeeee!" NO! NO! NO! I kept telling them, he has a mom someplace that is looking for him so you better let him go NOW before she find you and her baby!

I am pleased to announced that the snake is back with his family( I think) My girls let him go in the woods behind our home. So he's back safe and sound. At least he's not in my house!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dive right in

That's what I love about my girls, no fear, just dive right in. Even if it is off of the kid size table into a small pool. No Fear. Don't ya just love this form, on the tip of her toes? My girls just love being in the pool all summer. These pics will make for some great layouts, when I find some time to scrap!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scrapbook Obsessions Sept 2007 Mini Album

Meet Bobby.
Yes,Bobby is a blanket. And Bobby isn’t just one blanket. It’s many blankets that each have their own name and special memories. Some are not even blankets. They are doilies or pot holders. Each Bobby has it’s own place in the heart of a little girl named Keely. I’m not sure how this obsession with crocheted blankets began? These Bobbies have been acquired over the years but it all began with just one. They have become part of the family. We have one for the dinner table. One for the car. One for sleep overs. One when she sleeps in mom and dads bed. One for watching movies on the couch. We even have one that went on our vacation to Mexico! What a site to see a little girl on the beach with a blanket all wrapped up. The job of the Bobby is NOT to keep it’s owner warm but to comfort her. Keely intertwines her toes and fingers into the opening of the Bobbies and sucks her thumb. This security is unmatched by anything. The love of a Bobby is unconditional.

Meet Sam Bobby.
Sam Bobby is a Large twin size Bobby. The largest in our collection of Bobbies. It was given to Keely by Grandma Kim. Grandma received it from a neighbor who made it and her was named Sam. Keely felt we should call it Sam Bobby after its maker. And so we do. Sam Bobby is the movie watching Bobby.

Meet Soft Bobby.
Soft Bobby was the first Bobby. Soft Bobby started out as Katelyn's blanket when she was a baby. It was given to Katelyn by Nana. Keely became the new owner when she was born. She liked to cover her head when she slept, and Soft Bobby gave mom piece of mind that she would still be able to breathe with her head covered. Keely named it Soft Bobby because it is very soft. Soft Bobby is the oldest in our collection and being the oldest it has had it share of repairs. Never the less it is the most loved of all Bobbies. It is use for sleep overs and it’s been to Mexico. What other blanket can boost a passport?

Meet White Bobby.
White Bobby is the make do Bobby. When no other Bobby can be found or they are all in the laundry White Bobby will do. Its not the favorite Bobby but at least it’s a Bobby. White Bobby was a gift for Katelyn from Nana. Katelyn eagerly gave it to Keely when she was a baby.
Meet The Other Bobby.The Other Bobby is like White Bobby, a make do’er. A gift from Katelyn. Found at a garage sale, Katelyn spent her own money to buy The Other Bobby for Keely.
Meet Little Bobby Square.Little Bobby is one of many many little Bobbies that we have owned. Little Bobby Square started life out as a pot holder found at a local thrift store. Little Bobby Square is for the car and dinner table.
Meet Little Bobby Round.Little Bobby Round is a favorite for Keely because the crochet loops are so big. This Bobby is for Mom and Dad’s bed.
Bobbies that are no longer with us. Well they could blanket a whole country. All of the Bobbies that we’ve lost are Little Bobbies. They consisted of Bobbies that were Mom’s first attempt to crochet. Small coaster size Bobbies. And many many more. They were each loved dearly.

Scrapbook Obsessions Sept 2007 layouts

Here are three layouts using Sept. kit.
First one is Muddy Mess. Anyone who has a boy knows what I'm talking about... they will play in the mud for days if you let them! Cole just loves taking his cars and putting them in the mud. He's not a fan of the pool so he would take his sand bucket over to the edge and get a pail of water to make his mud pile! After it's all over I take him and his cars in for a much needed bubble bath!

Next two are school related layouts. I'm moving Katelyn's school pic over to 12x12. I soon found that I had a ton of school pic left over. And since we were not giving them away I decided to use them in multiples on the layouts. I use the same sketch for each year to make the album flow better.

Monday, September 03, 2007