Thursday, July 26, 2007

Portion Control

I know we all have a problem with portion control. But today I think that someone took it a bit to far. I live in the South, it's hot here! And everyone loves a nice cold chocolate ice cream cone. Right? And yes, sometimes I do make the scoops a bit larger than they should be. Not today! Take a look at what I mean.

Step One put kids down for a nap. (thinking about ice cream)

Step Two get supplies to make ice cream (thinking about ice cream)

Scoop. check

Ice cream. check

Cones. check


Step Three open cones and take one out.... What the heck! who shrunk the cones?

Step Four read box carefully.... "kids cones" WHAT??? That's what happens when you take 3 kids to grocery store with you. In the craziness of three kids, ALL telling me, at once, what they HAD to have, I picked up KID SIZE cones. Great, now I have to make three mini cones just to get one normal size cone. Which translates to I have to get up between cones to make another! Who thought these kid size cones were a good idea? And where do you find a scoop to fill them anyway? Craziness I tell you! I felt like a giant eating an tiny cone!

When the kids got up from nap and had a cone they laugh at them too!

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Nancy Grant said...

So cute and funny! You can have one for each hand!