Sunday, December 16, 2007

the countdown

And it begins. The countdown until the kids are out of school. The countdown until dh is off work for the Holidays. The countdown of how many days left to shop for "those" gifts that I still haven't gotten yet. The countdown until Christmas!!!! I love this week. The anticipation of it all has me so excited I cant stand it. Today I made 13 gifts for teachers, coaches, neighbors and the mailman. I'll post pictures of them tomorrow. But I'll share what I made. I'm not sure of the technical name but I call them heating pads. You know.... they're fabric filled with rice. Well mine are filled with rice and rosemary from my garden. For some reason I always have so much rosemary?? But I'm glad I do, I use it for so many things besides cooking. I use it in flower arrangements, the thick stems are perfect skewers for meat, tuck it in your drawers, in the bottom of trashcans.... oh and in my heating pads. I also went a step further and embroidered some of the heating pads with the teachers names, neighbors last names, school mascot name and some even have Merry Christmas on them. I did leave a few blank for those drop by guest that I need a quick little gift for. We packed them with bows and instruction tags and then tucked them safely under the tree. I'll pull them out tomorrow and get some photos of them. I also embroidered 2 towels and two fleece throws. And made 40+ chocolate covered marshmallows. Oh and my favorite tread... Magic Cookie Bars. So I was a bit busy today. As I sit here typing away, My girls are tucked safely in bed and my sweet little man... well he's playing with his cars at my feet. Way pasts his bed time, I know, but he's such the night owl. We have a busy day tomorrow so I'm off to get a few things done before bed.

But until then I'll leave you with another Scrapbook Obsessions December project. You can find the supply list and instructions in the December Newsletter at Scrapbook Obsessions.

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