Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Find

Okay anyone who knows me knows I love a bargain.

With that said I'm an avid thrift store shopper. Not to mention garage sales and auctions. But my latest find or finds came from our local thrift store. Now.... 99% of the time I find nothing, I mean nothing, that really causes my heart to skip a beat. But that 1% when I do find that "something" that I didn't even know I was looking for. Well it's just pure and simple pleasure. I don't go in knowing what I'm looking for. (Never go to one of the above mention places looking for something specific, most of the time you'll never find it and you'll be disappointed.) So on this day I was just looking and what to my surprise did I stumble on you might ask? What could have me so excited? It must be something really great, right? Well to me they are priceless but for less than $2 I found the most beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments! Their colors are simply breath taking! The green is a green that you couldn't find today if you looked at every Christmas ornaments made. And the pink ones... oh my just delicious I tell you. For some unexplained reason they reminded me of my Grandmother. I don't recall Christmas' with her nor do I remember her decorations. She passed away when I was very young. But these are the ornaments I imagine her tree to have hanging on every branch.

I knew right away I had to have them and where they would be lovingly placed once they arrived safely and unbroken at my home. They would take up residents on my dining room table in my Grandmothers old antique wooden bread bowl. I love that bowl. I do remember my Grandmother making biscuits in it, this was something she did every morning. I love that bowl. My dad had it for many years and just a few years ago he gave it to me as a birthday gift. It was the most precious and meaningful gift I've ever received. Did I tell you how much I loved that bowl?

Once home I carefully removed the ornaments from their packages and placed them in their new home. Every time I walk by them I smile.... and sometimes a tear or two come to my eyes. Thinking of family this time of year.. how much I love all of my family and how very blessed I am. So with my walk down memory lane and a sniffle or two I remind you to share with your family how much they are loved. Today!

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Bethany said...

Great post! I didn't know that bowl was your grandmother's? It is such a beautiful piece. And the ornaments look great in it. :)