Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Its starting to look alot like Christmas....

everywhere you go!
I am really getting into the Christmas spirit. was 72 degrees here yesterday! Now.. if I lived in Florida or Hawaii that would be okay. But in the southeast??? We usually have some cool weather. After watching the weather this morning, they are forecasting some snow showers on Saturday. Yea!!! Even if we have a birthday party and a basketball game to go to that afternoon, I welcome any reason to wear some cool weather clothes. Its been a site to see my girls in flip flops and Capri's the last few days. But No more... Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.
Now on to the fun stuff!

There's this totally fun blog that I love to check out and I thought I would share it with you guys. Its call Today's Creative Blog. And everyday (except Wednesday) Kim shares with all of us a crafty and very talented blogger. I get so many ideas from the blogs she shares. Its like a mall of blogs!!! And I love to shop! Stop by and tell her how much you love the blogs she shares. How she finds such creative people I'll never know??? But she does just for us. You must look at the blog TIP JUNKIE there are so many cool and easy gifts for neighbors, teachers and friends. Actually I'm planning on using a few.

Now for a few pictures of my Scrapbook Obsessions December Kit projects
How about a Mitten and Stocking garland? That's what I made as one of my projects this month. And I want you to make one too!
So here's a tutorial, a supply list and a pattern so you can make your own.

4 or 5 different pattern papers
fabric strips
embellishments - stickers, ribbon, rub ons, deco edge paper etc...
1. Trace pattern onto back of pattern paper and cut out. Cut out as many as you need to make your garland. I cut 4 of each mitten and stocking. (save scraps)
2. Use scraps to embellish the heel and toe of the stockings and the cuff of the mittens. (I free handed these)
3. Punch holes in top edges and add eyelets. (the eyelets add strength so that the fabric strips won't rip the holes)
4. Embellish Mittens and Stockings with ink, stickers, ribbon, rubons, glitter or any other embellishments.
5. Tie together with fabric strips. You can use ribbon if you wish.
6. Hang and enjoy!

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