Monday, July 14, 2008

Decorating without nails in the wall.


I've had this nightstand for a few years. I think I paid about $10 for it at the goodwill. I say $10 because I'm pretty cheep and would not have paid much more than that. Maybe $12 but that's it.

When I purchased it I decided i need to paint it. So I painted it in a very whimsical look (back when I painted it it was whimsical now its just tacky). Last week I decided my girls needed an updated nightstand between their beds. Plus it had make up, lip gloss, crayon, pen marks and cup rings on the top. Yep all those were on there!

Step 1. Find a well made piece of furniture that has great shape.
Step 2. Sand all past paint drips, ruff edges or chips smooth.
Step 3. Prime with spray primer. Its goes faster if you use a spray and is much easier to clean up. I used white because I was going to paint a light color. If you plan on using a dark color as your finished color I would go with a gray primer.
Step 3. Paint with desired color I use a light green spray paint by Krylon (I think, I've thrown the cans away already). You may need more than one coat. I did two.
Step 4. Using an electric sander, sand edges so that some of the wood and bottom paint layer shows.
Step 5. Add stain with a foam brush. Let sit for just a minute and wipe off with an old towel. Repeat until you get the desired contrast from the stain. I use dark walnut stain and it only took one coat.

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Wow! That looks great....