Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't ya just love it when a plan works out?

I do!
Most of the time when I decide to Create something it NEVER turns out like I had imagined it would. But not this time! When I just happened to find this wooden compote (I sound fancy smancy, don't I?) at where else but the goodwill, I just couldn't leave it there. It asked me to take it home and fancy it up a bit. You know how objects in stores just talk to you? You know things call your name when your shopping, right? I'm not the only one who hears things asking me to buy them, right?

Well just look at this poor little compote (footed bowl, as my grandma would say. Where are it's toes if it has a foot?) . She was sad, beautiful shape and in fantastic condition. But stained wood? I guess I could have made it work someplace in my home just the way she was. You know me better than that. I have to alter it in some way!

I haven't shared with you my most recent fascination.... spray paint! So there you have it this little compote was going to get a nice coat of black paint. Spray paint that is, I wouldn't want brush strokes on my master piece would I? After a few coats of matte black paint a bit of sanding and two coats of dark walnut stain she has made her way to her new home. Lovingly placed on my recently added accent table in my living room.

I must add that my dear husband is opposed to any cluttering of our home. So he's not as impressed with my talents(not sure that spray painting is a talent? But I'm going to say it is) as I am. He would prefer that I leave ALL and I mean ALL the walls blank!! What? Is he crazy? He knew when he married me I was a Visual Merchandiser for a department store. And its in my blood. He has the garage... I get the rest of the house.

I'm off to hammer a nail in a wall someplace! Maybe even 4 nails... I have an idea. I'll share with you tomorrow how it turns out!

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Bethany said...

that looks great!!!