Saturday, December 06, 2008


yes I am blessed. And others are too, wether they know it or not. I know that because today I witnessed a terrible car accident. I was on the interstate two cars behind a young girl in a black sports car. I notice she was drifting to the left a bit but thought she just wasn’t paying attention. She did this for about ½ mile. I was trying to stay out of her way so I slowed down a bit. Just to be behind her if she over corrected and came over into my lane. But that wasn’t what happened. In the blink of an eye she veered over to the left again but this time she hit a guard rail and flipped her car over and down into a concrete drainage area. In a second she was upside down with her car smoking. Frightened and worried about this young girl I didn’t stop to think I just pulled my car over and jumped out. Running along side the interstate and jumping down into this drain fear struck me. What would I find when I got to the car? Expecting to see the worst. Another lady who had also seen the accident was there beside me and then a third person came to help. As we were trying to pull the door open on this car that was upside down I hear her crying, scared and frightened. This young girl who was wearing her seatbelt was safe in her car hanging there. We removed her from her car fearing it was about to catch on fire because it was smoking. There was this 16 yr old girl scared to death with only a cut on her finger and a bruise on her hip. She called her father using my cell phone and just began to sob uncontrollably. I spoke to her father explaining that she seemed ok but that they were taking her to the hospital just to make sure. She was truly blessed. The police and paramedics said the expected to find someone who was dead or badly injured at the least. I saw a miracle today as God watched over her. And as more than 50 people stopped to help. I later received a phone call from her mother thanking me and telling me that she was fine at home and resting and how thankful she was that so many people were there to help her baby. Today reminded me not to take one second for granted. you never know. So now I’m off to hold my babies and tell them how very much they are loved.

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Lisa said...

That is a beautiful story. God planned to have you in that very spot to help the frightened girl. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt badly.