Monday, December 01, 2008

Its Snowing Here!!! not sticking but snowing!

December 1st... the countdown to Christmas begins! As the days start to turn colder my calendar starts to fill quickly. My December, like many of your, becomes a guessing game of how do we fit one more thing into our schedule. We want to spend time with everyone and hate to say no to any party or celebration. (And we usually don’t say no) Christmas only comes once a year and we enjoy celebrating with our family and friends.

We have one event that has been scheduled for sometime now. And I’m anxiously looking forward to the celebration. It’s a progressive dinner with neighborhood friends. For those of you who don’t know what a progressive dinner is, it where a group of friends or families travel from home to home to admire the homeowners decorations and partake in a few delicious goodies. Our first stop will for appetizers and drinks. Then after about an hour or two we move on to the next home for soup and salad, then main dish and last but not least desserts. Spending a few hours at each home with friends will be a great treat this holiday season. My house will be the soup and salad stop. I’m looking for a spectacular soup that will WOW everyone. So if anyone has any recipes I would love to here about them. The salad will be a spring mix topped with sliced strawberry and toasted sesame seeds. All topped off by a sweet and tangy dressing with poppy seeds. We were introduced to this fantastic salad by my husbands Aunt Wendy from NC. Thanks Wendy, we loved it so much we have it all the time now!

I’m still taking orders for Christmas gifts on my Etsy shop. If there’s something you would like to order do so soon. And still get them in time for Christmas morning! Click the link on the top left sidebar to see my shop.

Decorations, I’ve been working on a few more decorations. My mantel and my chandelier in my dinning room. Here are a few of my favorite Santa ornament and other decorations that I love. Enjoy the pictures.

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