Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chasing Butterflies by Daisy D's

I just loved working with this line! It had such a fun summer feel! How can you not feel creative and inspired by these papers? They have a classic vintage appeal. The simple understated colors just seem to call out to me " create something, build, reinvent, construct, imagine, fabricate, just make something beautiful with me. " I felt I was able to use this line in so many different ways and each time I got a different feeling from the project. Some were whimsical others just playful. No matter what the feeling is, I just adored working with them! As you can tell I devoured this line. I have a ton of projects finished but still have paper left... What a catastrophe, to have too much paper! If we could always be so lucky.

This is my oldest daughter, she somehow, found the Halloween makeup and went to town! Then proceeded to tell me she was "sick"

My little girl, well I wish! She's never been the girly girl type and this photo shows it best. While she does have on cute princess pjs, she's a tomboy at heart. Her dad got her a new helmet for her four wheeler. What girl would smile with glee for that? And it's not even a pink helmet. Now that would make a mom proud!

I just love this layout of my girls. You see this is a rare event, they are being nice to each other. Most of the time one is telling on the other or taking something from the other. (If you look close it could be the beginning of a headlock, a sneak attack waiting to happen. But it wasn't) It was taken the day of my oldest daughters birthday party. So maybe she was in a good mood and felt like being nice....

This is a new size for me, 6 x 12. It was fast and fun. I'm going to hang it in my office.

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