Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let the decorating start!!!

Okay, I know its not even Thanksgiving yet. I normally don’t begin to decorate until Thanksgiving is over. However this year I seem to be in the Christmas Spirit earlier that normal. And my sweet husband has been encouraging me to "start decorating"! Well you don't have to tell me twice.

This past weekend while I was at the Christmas Open house, which by the way went very well, Craig went up to the attic and gathered ALL the totes that I store my Christmas decorations in. For those of you who don't know, I love and I mean LOVE to decorate Christmas trees. As a matter of fact it was my job before I had a husband and kids. I was a visual merchandiser for a department store. With that being said I DO know that I can go a bit overboard according to normal standards. It doesn't seem like a chore or work to me so I don't mind and Craig doesn't seem to care. As long as I'm not hammering nails in his wall! As a matter of fact he was very helpful this year.

Two years ago this December we moved in to our current home. It was December 8th and the second (clothes were first) thing I unpacked was our Christmas decorations. I had two trees up, decorated and ready to greet our neighbors as they stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood. Last year I had one fully decorated tree and two pencil trees with lights. This year I've added another tree. Because our family room is very open I've added a 9ft slimline tree. I am adding the wreaths to the outside windows and another to our garage door, decorating the mantle, hang the stocking and then I'm done!!!! That’s right, Done!!!

I have 2 decorated trees, 2 pencil trees, wreaths on the double doors, snowmen on the buffet and gifts wrapped and under the trees. And all this BEFORE Thanksgiving! I'll share photos of the decorations soon. Start decorating.

Post a comment with a link to your decorations so we can see your Christmas Spirit!

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Bethany said...

Craig was so proud! Speaking of two years in your house...As I snuck in Saturday morning, I took a good look around, I so love you house! It is just decorated so beautiful and I love all of your colors. I'm sure it looks amazing right now with Christmas up!