Saturday, January 03, 2009

Holiday Clean Up In full Swing

Above are pictures of the Christmas Morning Mess and two little one in the middle of it! We had a very blessed and wonderful Holiday. I hope each one of you did too!

I began the tedious process of removing Christmas decorations at my house today.... All by myself!

I’ve started by taking down two of the four trees and so far I’ve managed to remove all the ornaments and safely packed them away for next year.
With DecorationsWithout
Wreaths removed from all window (except the ones that were laying in the mud, their still in the mud. For now, I’ll let the hubby get those.) Garland removed from Stair banisters, catwalk and mantel.
With DecorationsWithoutSix large totes sit waiting for my dear sweet husband to carry them to the attic and while he’s in there I need him to bring down the boxes to store the trees in.

The house looks bare without all the decorations. It didn’t look cluttered with them did it? Anyway still more to do, remove the leaf from the dinning room table(have to wait for hubby for that) Pack up Christmas dinnerware. Then redecorate with the next season!

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