Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Scrapping with Grace Round 2 layout

Here it is... my layout about motherhood! The journaling reads:
Everything I need to know about what matters in life I learned by being a MOM.
* There is always room for ice cream
* Boys are gross most of the time
* It’s more fun to give a gift than to get one
* Catching fire flies is fun at any age
* You always need your Mom
* Dirt doesn’t taste good
* It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as your happy with it
* Mom and Dad’s bed is the best place to sleep in the whole house
* Sing loud
* Believe that everyone is good at heart
* innocence is priceless
* Pigtails are really cute
* When you have a brother or sister you always have a friend you can count on
* Everyone needs a best friend
* You favorite “whatever” can change everyday
* A bedtime story would will make anyone sleep better
* the days are never long enough to get everything you want to get done
* Make a list for Santa, no matter how old you are
* Your Mother will always love you.

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